Packaging Solutions

Windsor Pallets offers a wide range of packaging solutions as follows:

Boxes & Cartons
For smaller, less complicated shipments a standard box or carton is all you need.

Custom Containers
For larger or more complex shipments, we’ll design a custom container to protect your products from manufacture to destination.

Interior Dunnage
For sensitive or high value parts, interior protective packaging or “dunnage” is the best solution.

Export Pallets & Crating
Whether you are shipping down the street or around the world, we can design & manufacture the proper pallet or container to move your goods.

Your focus is making your product. Packaging setup and assembly doesn’t necessarily make sense in your world. Let us do the assembly, so your packaging is ready to load and ship as soon as you get it.

If your labour costs are better spent on making your parts than on packing them, let us do the packing for you. We can design a cost-effective fulfillment program tailored to your specific needs.

You want to take advantage of buying higher volumes of packaging but don’t have the room to store it? We can warehouse your packaging and release it to you in just-in-time quantities when you need it.

Packaging Design
Have products that you need to ship but don’t know the best packaging design to get this done at the lowest cost? This is where our experience really comes into play. Give us a drawing or prototype of your product and we’ll design cost-effective packaging to protect your product and get it to the end user efficiently.

Our business has always been built on service, just ask our customers.