recycleRecycled/Reconditioned Pallets

It is becoming increasingly important for Pallet Manufacturers to offer and supply quality products both New and Used. Pallet recycling saves your company money and is good for the environment at the same time. Upon request, we can remove used pallets after the delivery of new or recycled ones. Depending on your needs, reconditioned ‘like-new’ pallets can be almost indistinguishable from new pallets at much less the cost.

Windsor Pallet has a large supply of many different types of Used Pallets that are in stock for JIT shipment

• Many sizes and grades available with savings of 25%-50% off the price of a new pallet.
• Windsor Pallet is able to re-work your used Export Boxes for re-use or disposal.
• We have Spot van capability and in some cases, Windsor Pallet will assign a van at your location for you to Load your Used Pallets or draw New and Recycled pallets as needed.

Retrieval Programs 

A Retrieval Program is a special situation where companies and suppliers have a regular flow of goods moving between them. Windsor Pallet can help by acting as a Repair, Collection and Distribution Center. When done correctly The Retrieval Program can yield tremendous savings and efficiencies for both you and your Customer/Supplier. If your company ships repeatedly to key suppliers or customers or your pallets are custom made or a Special OEM Specification. Then consider The Retrieval Program.
Gone are your problems with storage, manpower, or other logistics issues of Disposal and Repair of these pallets.

Windsor Pallet will be able to help you implement a Retrieval Program of your own. We can collect and repair your pallets, sort them by size or grade, and inventory them at our location for your Suppliers to draw from. Any Damaged Pallets beyond repair are replaced in the system with new ones at a reduced price. When your supplier needs more of any size, we’ll ship them from our Inventory immediately.

With this program a blended cost for new and use will result in a considerable savings.
Call us for details and to arrange an on site evaluation of your Retrieval possibilities.

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